October 5, 2010

Hello Blog World!

Welcome to Meat & Potatoes, the blog that explains the whys and hows of my transition from a strict vegetarian (sometimes vegan) to a gourmand who enjoys real, traditional food as human beings have evolved to do through, well, the entire history of human beings.

This calls to me particularly as a graduate student of history. I am interested in the science of nutrition and the history of eating before the agricultural revolution: that is to say, how humans have eaten for the majority of our existence on this planet.

What I cook is healthful food made from ingredients from happy farms; my produce is usually organic and my animal products always free-range. I am entirely gluten-free. I eat sustainable fish and grass-fed meat. Butter and coconut oil will never be shunned from my kitchen.

It wasn’t always like this, though: for many years I ate only low-fat (sometimes fat-free!) vegetarian or vegan food, high in carbohyrates and low in protein. I’m trying something else out. Do I want to have to eat every 3 hours just to have enough energy to make it through the day? No. Do I want to struggle with sugar addiction, candida overgrowth and sugar crashes? No. Do I want to rely on soy products and legumes that destroy my GI tract? NO! So join me in a journey to heal my body through Real Food, while maintaining my compassion and ethics with every bite.


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